With all the viruses these days, a virus that turns people into flesh eating freaks is bound to happen.

This guide will help y'all out but read it very carefully though.

This works too

Basic RulesEdit

  • Be coordinated and have cardio. The longer you can run, the better.
  • Trust no one
  • Double Tap- You can never be sure
  • Safe House - You'll need a place to survive
  • Eat canned foods - They'll last longer and expire after a few years
  • Use Melee Weapons - Guns cause too much noise, the reload is a factor, and ammo can be scarce. Melee Weapons like a katana deal a great amount of damage.

Advanced RulesEdit

After surviving for a while, you will learn to adapt.

  • Walk like the undead - Fool them
  • Improvise - Occasionally, you'll get into tight situations. Find the code that works and GTFO outta there!
  • Get Creative - Make weapons. Combine a chainsaw and a paddle or whatever. Do what must be done. Make sure your creation isn't too heavy or breaks easily.
  • Anything and Everything - Is a weapon, use it to your advantage.
  • Run Like Hell --> In really tight situations, just run!